KT Corp in "World's first" AI dispute

James Pearce
Published on:

KT Corp claims to have launched the world's first AI-based TV service, but has come under fire in Korea for the claim

KT Corp and SK Telecom are in a stand off over claims over the title of “world’s first” AI-based TV service, according to reports from Korea.

KT recently launched a set-top box with an artificial intelligence based service, with adverts claiming it was “the world’s first” leading to deliberation from a advertising watchdog.

The ‘Giga Gini’ box, which was unveiled in mid-January, allows users to interact using normal conversation, offering services including checking email, calendar appointments, news, and other services, according to the Korea Herald.

However, the operator’s claims that it is the first of its kind has came under fire in Korea, according to the Herald, with critics claiming similar devices are already available.

Apple already offers its Apple TV service, while Amazon has the Kindle Fire stick and the Alexa virtual assistant. SK Telecom has also launched a home assistant called NUGU, the reports said.

"We see no problem in the fact that the AI-based set-top box is the first of its kind in the world, but we plan to supplement data in order not to leave room for controversy," a KT official told the Herald. "However, we have yet to decide whether to omit 'the world's first' from our advertising copy."