Fibre maker Prysmian sets up in Chile

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Prysmian sets up cable operation in Chile to serve South American telecoms market

Prysmian, Milan-based maker of cable systems, says it has set up a new operation in Chile.

The South American market is experiencing growth in both the energy and telecom sectors, said Prysmian, and Chile is one of the most promising markets in the continent.

Marcello Del Brenna, CEO of the Prysmian group in South America, said: “The first priority of Prysmian Chile is to stay close to the Chilean customers, strengthen relationships at local and regional level, make available high quality products and services, and be ready to seize any growth opportunity which may emerge in this buoyant country.”

Prysmian has been selling into the Chilean market for many years and said it has decided to open a local legal entity in order to expand its reach in the country.

“This new milestone brings Prysmian South America much closer to the Chilean customers,” said German Aparicio, general manager of Prysmian Chile.