Actility in IoT deal with GPS firm

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Low-power network specialist ties up with GPS company to provide IoT systems with geolocation

Internet of things (IoT) specialist Actility has formed a partnership with geolocation specialist Abeeway to add GPS facilities to Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs).

They aim to develop and sell a flexible location solution for IoT combining GPS geolocation with the low-power, long-range capability and low cost of LPWA networks.

“Geolocation and object tracking could possibly be the biggest use case for the IoT, given the amount of interest we’re seeing in our location service portfolio,” said Actility CEO Mike Mulica.

“By working with Abeeway, we’ll be able to provide a best in class geolocation technology.” The two plan to focus on the long-range specification called LoRa.

Abeeway CEO Florian Sforza said: “The fast growth of public LPWAN network opens a new era of LoRa applications such as asset tracking and geolocation services.” He sees the partnership opening up “a fast deployment of geolocation applications for the end users”.

Abeeway specialises in tracking devices based on LoRaWAN, offering on-demand geolocation, movement alerts or geofencing. These trackers use GPS signals to determine their location, but energy-efficient LoRaWAN communication to pass that location to the tracking application.

Mulica said: “We believe that this capability is a game changer for many industries, including logistics, supply chain management, precision agriculture, utilities and mining.”